Yado - Yoga auf die Ohren

Joined the team behind an “audio-only” yoga project, covering the tech side by building a very basic first web app. React (my first go at it) frontend with the idea of eventually publishing mobile apps in React-Native, powered by a low-code backend using Directus.

Frustrated with tracking- and advertisement-heavy workout apps, I have decided to create my own, very basic solution. It’s built with Vue3 and TailwindCSS and deployed on Vercel. You can find it running here:

Online Tabata Workout Track Creator

Create HIIT soundtracks from your own MP3s. You can find it running here: (This website)

A simple static BridgetownRB site, styled via Tailwindcss and deployed using Vercel.



Fullstack web development in pure Ruby, bundled as Open Source gem. Powered by Vue.js and Ruby on Rails, find out more here.

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